Our treatment philosophy is based upon the acceptance that addiction is a disease which affects individuals and families.  It is chronic and progressive in nature.  Effective treatment of this disease includes addressing the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of the individual.  Treatment is utilized in the least restrictive approach possible and effort is made in maximizing client choice in choosing appropriate levels of care. An integral part of Clear Concepts’ philosophy is the involvement in Twelve Step Recovery Programs.  We believe the ultimate goal of treatment is a well adjusted, fully rehabilitated individual who is capable of functioning in all areas of their life without the use of mood altering chemicals.  It is recognized that this is a developmental process which required various lengths of treatment involvement.



The treatment philosophy is to provide effective services to individuals suffering from a mental disorder.  The goals of treatment are for the client to learn to recognize and accept their illness, develop and improve coping skills, eliminate dysfunctional behavior and begin the recovery process.  Mental illness is an acute and/or chronic disorder that, if left untreated, is potentially life threatening.  Clear Concepts’ orientation is toward a cognitive behavioral approach with treatment being utilized in the least restrictive approach possible, utilizing medical consultations as needed.  Effort is given in maximizing client choices in choosing appropriate levels of care.